Almita spol. s. r. o.

Almita Ltd. is a small, modern and particularly flexible company from Havlíčkův Brod engaging in activities that  include precise CNC machining and building single-purpose machines, jigs, equipment and products.

We have a longtime experience and reference in automotive industry with our own development, construction and production of tools, jigs, single-purpose machines and devices including service and maintenance.

CNC machining

We focus on 3 and 5-axis units and production of individual peaces and small series of machining. Our range of production includes simple parts, steel welded machining and precise units with unique shapes including heat treatment and other shape and surface treatments. To fulfill customer’s needs we are able to include 3D protocol of tolerated dimensions or protocol of heat treatment and required hardness.

Control and 3D measurement

The precision of the products is checked with a portable 3D arm. This will give us data on product size, shape and position deviations or evaluation compared to the CAD model. The output of the check is a measuring protocol.

3D measuring arm, model CIMCORE 7525

  • 6-axis contact measurement
  • Measuring arm range 2.0m
  • Repeatability of point measurement +/- 0,016mm
  • Spatial accuracy of measurement +/- 0,023mm
  • Evaluation software PowerInspect 2018
Kontrola a 3D měření

Single-purpose machines and preparations

We develop single-purpose machines and devices that are custom-made. The construction is designed by taking into account safety requirements, ergonomics and the logical order of component assembly with possible data outputs and other consecutive production operations or its testing. In the assembly operations we buy and use exclusively reliable and well-tried suppliers of automation, control and pneumatic elements or modular systems.

Industrial 3D printing

We offer and especially for our purposes use 3D printing in selected applications, such as single-purpose machines, control and setting preparations, spare parts and prototype parts.

In collaboration with REVERSE-TECH, we are able to offer comprehensive 3D scanning services, including the subsequent processing of scanned data up to the physical printout of prototype parts or matches. More about 3D scanning

FDM printer Stratasys F170, model 2017

  • Thickness of the applied layer: 0,127; 0,178; 0,254; 0,330mm
  • Accuracy: 0,1 – 0,2mm
  • Building material: ABS-M30, ASA
  • Supporting material: QSR – soluble
  • Building space: 254 x 254 x 254mm
  • Model washer: MSCA 1200HT


Seat and office:

  • Almita spol. s r.o. | U Traplů 3532
  • CZ- 580 01 Havlíčkův Brod
  • IČ: 28789725 | DIČ: CZ28789725

Bank details:

  • CZK
  • 107-1345150287/0100
  • IBAN: CZ8601000001071345150287
  • EUR
  • 2501621162/2010
  • IBAN: CZ8120100000002501621162

The company is registered in business register held by Regional Court in Hradec Králové section C, unit 27561/1

Business and management

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Control and 3D measurements